Top 50 Scottish Gins of 2019 announced

The Scottish Gin Society reveals the top Scottish gins of 2019 after results from 6435 voters across the UK

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Top 50 Scottish Gins of 2019

If its Scottish Gin you like and you want to know which gin to put in your G&T, your gin cocktail or Gintonic The Scottish Gin Society have revealed the top 50 gins this week.

We all love a good poll in the gin community, and we all love to share in others successes so it's great to learn that our friends at Harris Gin have been voted the number 1 Scottish gin for the 2nd year running!

A whopping 6,400 votes cast, which is twice as many as the 2018 poll, with Harris Gin receiving a fantastic 21% of all the votes, just goes to show how great it is. We don't sell it online as its exclusively sold through the Island community in Harris, but you can try Harris Gin at one of our gin events.

There direct to shopper approach which supports the Island community is clearly working, Harris Gin said on winning “After receiving 1 in 5 of the votes cast, this unique distillery ethos has clearly captured the imagination of gin lovers across Scotland and built impressive customer loyalty for this award-winning brand.”

Simon Erlanger, MD, Isle of Harris Distillers,  stated that the community-led distillery team were delighted to take the crown for the second year running, he added: “It is especially good news to know that our gin, despite being only three years old, continues to gain recognition on a national scale and our ethos has really captured the public’s imagination. “We are so pleased and proud to know that gin lovers enjoy the flavour and unique story of our world-class gin as much as we do.” 

Harris Gin

We've seen that smaller Scottish gin brands have done well in the survey this year and just goes to show how diverse and exciting the Scottish gin community is. The big guys like Edinburgh Gin, Caorunn Gin and Hendrick’s appeared in the top ten in 2018, the most recent survey shows a a major shift in shopping habits which is good for everyone. Quite exciting days lie ahead for all. Including our own small batch gin, Autumn Premium Gin.

In 2019, the sustainably sourced Kintyre Botanical Gin takes second place, whilst Redcastle Gin lies in third position.

The full top ten list of gins as voted for by the Scottish gin loving public are:

  1. Isle of Harris Gin

  2. Kintyre Botanical 

  3. Redcastle Gin

  4. Kirkjuvagr Gin

  5. The Teasmith Gin

  6. Crag & Tail Gin

  7. Kinrara Highland Gin

  8. The Old Curiosity Gin

  9. Lussa Gin

  10. McLean’s Gin

The Scottish Gin Society’s survey also asked consumers what they prefer to drink with their gin. Unsurprisingly, nearly 50% voted tonic, 21% diet tonic and some 13% voting a flavoured tonic which bodes well for our friends at Summerhouse Drinks.

Summerhouse Drinks

Stephen White, founder of The Scottish Gin Society said: “We believe The Scottish Gin Society survey to be the largest of its kind and are delighted to have received twice as many responses in 2019. “The results show that the popularity of Scottish gin is still growing, especially with all the new entrants appearing in this year’s survey. We would like to congratulate the brands involved as they are all producing exceptional products and look forward to the bright future of the gin industry in Scotland.” With it now being estimated that around 70 per cent of UK produced gin comes from Scotland, The Scottish Gin Society has pushed to create a dedicated online resource listing all of the gins and distilleries that are made in Scotland.

Scottish Gin Map

Their interactive online distillery map features nearly 70 entries, while their A-Z of Scottish gins (which includes compound, cuckoo and contract distilled gins) now lists 139 separate gins from across the country.

The conclusion is Scottish Gin is simply the best, Scottish distilleries produce over 70% of all the UK's gin.... just goes to show that the place to start your gin journey with a visit to one of our live gin events to learn more, and if you can't get to one you can buy all the gins on our website.

Catch you soon!

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