What to expect this weekend at The Scottish Gin Festival!

Picture this...

It's Friday and you're still at work....its been a long week and you are waiting for that clock to strike four so that you can post on the group chat..."Gin Pals assemble". A shiver runs through you...you can almost taste the deliciously paired G&T touch your lips...

The Friday feeling has kicked in...the weekend is finally here...and your on your way to the True OriGIN's Scottish Gin Festival in Edinburgh!

SO...Here is a round up of what to expect...

SCOTTISH GIN (lots of it..)

Discover over 70 gins selected for their distinctive makers story and brand style. Drink, eat, listen and smell as you embark on a truly special gin journey!

Discover gins by Scottish Region! Our bartenders will pair gins with delicious Walter Gregor tonic and fresh garnish!


Take part in FREE Masterclasses from producers and distillers! Simply book on when you get here!

We are excited to have the following gin producers present over the weekend taking you on an explorative journey of their gins!


We cannot wait to taste the extremely instagram-able delights that Pizza Geeks and Barnacles & Bones will be cooking up! *drools*

Check out our food blog for more detail on these two amazing street food companies! There is something for everyone- including Gluten free and vegan! 



In addition to amazing gin, great food and great company- we also have some amazing bands entertaining you guys over the weekend. See below for the line-up!


Remember we are CASHLESS!

At True OriGINs - The Scottish Gin Festival we want to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. So we've gone cashless. Instead, all you need to do is download the TicketCo Wallet App, set yourself up, add some credit and away you go. All the bars and food vendors within the festival use the cashless payment system! Don't worry about running out of battery...we'll make sure you can recharge at the festival! 


Remember to read our blog post on travelling to and from the Biscuit Factory! We would recommend taking the bus! Who knows...you might make some other Gin Pals on the way!


So...there you have it! If you still haven't got your tickets for this weekends sessions IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Come along to The Biscuit Factory for the True Scottish Gin festival experience. 


Friday 29th of March - 17:30 - 23:00

Saturday 30th of March - 12:00 - 17:30 and 18:30 - 23:30.

Where: The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh

How much: From £12.50

Get yours now!


We can't wait to see you there! 

True OriGINs x

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