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What gins will you find at the London Gin Festival

Gin lovers rejoice! The True OriGINs Scottish Gin festival comes to London in less than a week and you can still purchase your tickets for you and your pals!

In the meantime, why don’t you have a browse at what gins are on offer by checking out the True OriGINS Gin bible here.

Here you can find all the information you need to help you make your gin decisions at the festival. Perhaps you would like to try a gin from the island of Orkney. Can we recommend a Sea Glass gin with a simple garnish of lemon with your tonic?

Or, what about a Goodwill gin from the Highlands to try? We would recommend enjoying this with an apple and cinnamon tonic and a slice of orange peel to help bring out the citrus and spicy tones of the tonic.

What is probably a good idea, to be honest, is to head to the festival with your pals and each try something different – that way you can ensure that you enjoy as many Scottish gins as possible, with perhaps, a side order of some great Scottish produce to aid with your enjoyment? Sounds braw!

Make sure to check out the gin bible where you can find information on all the gins and the festival. Keep in touch with us on Facebook and check our website for any updates. We look forward to seeing you next weekend!

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