What’s on the Edinburgh Gin Festival drinks menu? Fantastic Gins!

Were on our way to Edinburgh, come and join us

If you're just at the start of your gin journey we've designed a small and compact gin bible for you and your friends to share, before, during and after the True OriGINs Gin Festivals. 

Its full of information about the live events, what gins will be available at the events and some useful info about the brands, distillers and other producers at the event.

We've made the Gin Bible super easy to read by producing a simple online version that pops out when you want to read it. Make sure to learn all about our own gin "Autumn Premium Gin"

Click on the image below and start expanding your knowledge and tastebuds. 

We're keen to give you all the information you need and in one place to make your gin festival experience as good as possible. Ever wondered what Harris Gin tastes like, can we recommend a mixer for it, and what garnish do we think brings out the best in gin. Its all in the gin bible.

For lots of great information about all the Scottish gins we recommend visiting the Gin Cooperative website.

The best idea and the first idea we would recommend is to make tracks to a gin festival with your friends and individually try something different - it's a sure way to get to try a load of gins in one day. 

Keep in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram, and keep an eye on our website for all the latest gins to buy.

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