Gin cocktails don't get any better!

Hot chocolate and gin, this is a winter match made in heaven (or the ski slopes)!

Ever wondered just how many times you have to see a new cocktail before it becomes trendy?

At what point does it move from being a play around (kitchen play-around) idea into the defused stage (everyone in trendy town is having it) through to a classic stable (gets into books, articles, and menus).

Hot Chocolate Gin

Well, we want to find out, so we posted a hot chocolate gin picture on facebook last week and got hundreds of people talking about it and it got us thinking...

A few great quotes where: -

  • Sounds amazing
  • Perfect bedtime drink
  • Hot chocolate doesn't get better
  • I'd sleep like a dream
  • O my yum
  • Why has this never become a thing before?!!!

Now, is there a cocktail you or a friend have made? tell us about it in the comments below, what it's called, what goes into it and how to make it.

We'll pick our favorite and use it as much as possible on our social media, website and live events and right here on the blog.

The curator of the new cocktail, will not only win themselves a ticket to one of our live events but even bagsy a chance to get featured all over the world of cocktails. If we show and share it enough!

Rules are, its got to be new, its got to feature a gin and its got to have an original name.

New Cocktail Ideas

We'll pick the winner at the end of April ready for the summer, so plenty of time to get creating.

Good luck to the winner!

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