8 things to do in the London

Getting ready for the London Gin Festival 2018?

The London Gin Festival, presented by True OriGINs, being the very best of Scotland down to Tobacco Dock from 1st – 4th November. Take in the Scottish atmosphere, enjoy over 80 Scottish gins, indulge in some quality Scottish food. And while you are there, why not learn some of the lingo? Here are 8 things you can do at the festival to ensure you have a pure braw time!

  1. Ensure you make lots of pals so you can have a blether together, or chew the fat, as they say. Be part of our #ginpals crew at True OriGINs
  2. Fill yer boots up with the best Scottish scran! Cullen skink and deep-fried mars bars are on the menu… oh aye!
  3. Although the gin is pure fine make sure not to get too blootered on the night.
  4. And fit aboot all the Scottish music!? Och, ye canny beat it!
  5. Enjoy a friendly atmosphere with all your pals. Make new ones by giving out free bosies!
  6. Don’t like Scottish gin!? Awa' an bile yer heid! With over 80 gins to try we are pretty sure your mind will be changed!
  7. Make sure your night is a rare one!
  8. Keep your knickers on! You haven’t missed your chance to be part of the festival. Make sure you get your tickets now before they sell out!

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