5 things you need to do for a perfect Valentines with Gin

Love gin, or love and gin, or gin love!

It’s that time of the year when love is in the air. Whether you’re planning on spending time with your partner in gin, or just your best gin buddies, follow our top tips to snuggle up and stay cosy for the perfect gin night in.


With a whole section dedicated to Valentine’s Day, we have the perfect gift at any price range! Our top picks can be found here, all headed up with Eden Mills Love Gin.


Welcome your gin loving partner with a delicious cocktail, take a look at our top 5 Romantic Gin Cocktail Recipes to keep you going all evening!


Experiment and pair your gin with the perfect food, here’s a few ideas for a starter, snacks and a main. We’ve even added a gin-soaked recipe at the end if you want to go the extra mile.


Did you know that paté is often seasoned with juniper berries (the main botanical in gin)? No - neither did we! It is and it pairs fabulously with a G&T.


Deep-fried spicy Indian snacks like bhajis and samosas are beautifully lifted by the refreshing botanicals in a G&T.


A G&T, or one of our romantic cocktails, is the perfect contrast to the rich batter and salty chips.


Give this a try - one taste and you’ll never go back! For the (many) of you that have never cured salmon, it’s really easy and requires no cooking - the cheats way to cook! This is the seriously tasty traditional way to prepare salmon. You end up with a gorgeous piece of fish, similar to smoked salmon, in that you can eat it raw, but the smokiness is replaced with a fresh citrus zing and peppery burst.


1 side of salmon, 1kg in weight, skinned and trimmed

150ml of gin - we recommend Vesperis Gin for a burst of citrus

50g of sugar

50g of table salt, fine

25g of lemon zest, (if possible micro-planed)

1 pinch of white peppercorns, crushed


Mix the gin, sugar, salt, peppercorns and lemon zest and brush generously onto both sides of the fish until it is covered. Then pop the fish in a Tupperware box (airtight) with the lid on and leave for 45 minutes. Take the salmon out of the Tupperware, wipe off the curing mixture and serve with new potatoes and salad leaves - it’s really that easy!


Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, snuggling up next to a fire is what a cosy night in is all about! Make it romantic and stargaze or just sit around the fire pit/chiminea with your partner in gin. Keep your hands warm with a batch of Winter Warming Cocktails - they can even stay in the slow cooker or pan so you’re not chained to drinks duty, winner!

Do you love strawberries, raspberries and gin? Then this tasty treat will be perfect for you! We’ve put together a lovely, easy recipe, so you can make a pink gin of your very own, or give it to your favourite gin lover as a gift.

It only takes 15 minutes (max) and then 2-3 weeks in the fridge before you can sit back, relax and bring back the taste of summer with a gorgeously fruity G&T.


Empty bottle/s
Tupperware tub/ glass jar
70cl bottle of gin (if you want to try a smaller amount, just split the quantities in half)
400g punnet of strawberries, sliced
200g raspberries
1 large spoonful caster sugar
Simple syrup to taste


Use a large bowl, pour in your gin, add the strawberries and caster sugar and stir. Then pour into a large, sterilised* tupperware tub/jar. It’s that easy!

Store in the fridge and gently shake every two days to infuse for 3-4 weeks. Strain through coffee filters or muslin cloth to serve.

A few days before you plan to drink it have a taste - if you want it a bit sweeter make a simple sugar syrup by mixing equal parts boiling water and sugar and add until you are happy. Pour into your bottle and voila!


Just Slow it all down for a bit, switch off your mobile phones, TV and just take in some chilled tunes!


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