5 Gin Masterclasses you need to check out in 2019

Join us for the first 5 masterclasses of 2019 at the Banchory Gin Festival

There has never been a truer saying, that there is more to gin than tonic, well there is a huge amount to learn.

Discover some of the most popular Scottish gins at one of the masterclasses being head at the Banchory Gin Festival 2019. Throughout the event relaxed FREE masterclasses will take you through some of the gins being featured at the Banchory Gin Festival 2019, you'll get to learn a bit about the brand, its style, how it's distilled and how best to enjoy a perfect serve.

Every Gin event and festival has a range of masterclasses to suit the beginner and the more experienced gin connoisseur, check out where your nearest event is over on our events page.

If you fancy getting to learn a bit more about which gin matches which garnish, you can find a helpful taste wheel over on another page of the blog.

We've got a cracking line up for you to dip your tastebuds into at the Banchory Gin Festival.

The Teasmith Gin

The Teasmith Gin is light on the palate with a distinct, crisp freshness, The Teasmith is one of a kind. Best served long with a sprig of mint, copious ice, and quality tonic, The Teasmith is the refreshing choice of a new generation of gin connoisseurs.

EeNoo Gin 

EeNoo Gin founded by two friends Peter Dignan and Richard Pierce in 2017 the pair wanted to create a gin that had provenance and character. Using an array of locally sourced ingredients the gin is just the starting point for the journey through their awesome range, which includes a Scottish Absinthe.

Distilled with Royal Deeside honey and locally foraged brambles, raspberries and rosehip. Nose of Scottish berries with natural fruitiness and spicy finish.

Still River Gin

Still River Gin is distilled at the Deeside Brewery was founded in Banchory in 2012 by Michael Bain. With the experience gained and success of the brewery, the team built an extension in 2017 to house their new experimental distillery – Deeside Distillery, which is thought to be the first new whisky distillery in the Royal Deeside area for almost 200 years. Deeside Distillery contract distils for other Scottish Gin makers and they produce their own range of Still River gins.

With the aim of producing original and innovative spirits led by head distiller Liam Pennycook, the distillery produces its own base spirit for various drinks, placing it alongside only a handful of other Scottish distilleries who use this approach of creating their base spirit from scratch. In 2018, Deeside Distillery created the world’s strongest gin with a 77% ABV strength – Naked Gin ‘Uncut’. There are also plans to open a new brewery and distillery with a tap room and visitor centre.

Still River Gin

Granite North Gin

Granite North Gin being inspired from the “Granite City” of Aberdeen and ancient forests of the Scottish Highlands, along with Granite North’s founder Sandy Matheson’s passion for hillwalking created the initial idea for the gin. As a qualified engineer and a self-confessed perfectionist, for Sandy it's all about the details. Hand crafted in small batches in the Highlands of Scotland.

Bright and fresh on the nose, reminiscent of forest floors. A luxurious creamy mouthfeel, while delivering a clean and crisp palate. A warm and seasoned finish. 

Granite North Gin

Persie Gin

Persie Gin is the creation of Chrissie and Simon Fairclough, the founders of the UK’s first touring gin club. Their idea was superb have touring gin club that would provide a wide expanse of the public's tastes and then create gins around the flavour profiles that they saw within the market. With this in the process, the pair bought the Persie Hotel in Glenshee and got to work setting up their distillery and visitor centre. If you’re passing, we say it's well worth a visit! Great range of gins available for all tastes.

Autumn Premium Gin

Autumn Premium Gin is inspired by the autumnal flavours and colours of Royal Deeside. Picking heather flowers in the height of their bloom along with locally grown apples and finished with honey from nearby hives creates a well-balanced gin that simply leaves you wanting more.

Autumn Premium Gin was first launched at the True OriGINs live event in London 2018 and is exclusive to True OriGINs.

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